Our Collections Policy

   We accept only items pertinent our mission, namely the artifacts necessary to tell the story of Spink County's residents. Space and funds are limited, meaning we can only accept a finite number of items. Properly storing items to maximize life expectancy is costly, and in some cases, unnecessary to do so with duplicate items. We would love to have the ability to display every mantle clock, for example, but only have the space to accept a few so long as each one is unique enough to justify the loss of valuable space and the cost of preservation. It saddens us that we cannot accept every item someone wishes to donate, but our lack of storage area and small budget necessitates it.  

   We ask that if you are interested in donating an item to the museum that you first contact us to ensure that we have the resources and/or the need to deal with it. There are some items that we are very interested in still acquiring, a list of which can be found here. The list of items is not the only things that we will accept, but merely a means for inspiration. We are constantly working to improve the museum, which sometimes means we must stay active in looking for some of the items we know (and some we don't know) we need. We please ask that before you throw anything away, you give us a ring or shoot us an email and allow us to accept it if we can. 

   Please also note that we no longer accept items on loan and do not purchase items. Most museums today do not accept loans from private entities (unless it is under very extenuating circumstances), and we are attempting to do the same. Items on loan have become an expensive series of legal hoops to jump through, something our small budget leaves no room for. We are very sorry that we are unable to accept loaned objects, but would be interested in acquiring it through donation if you are willing. 

A Piece of Our Collection

   This piece of our collection is an early twentieth century wedding gown and suit from Spink County residents. The gown and suit did not belong to the same couple. 

Redfield, South Dakota