Children's Activities

We have been developing our children's activities, which include scavenger hunts, story hours, and "Brown Bag Adventure Specials." 


   Like any good museum, we try to keep things fresh! We not only try to rotate and feature different items in our possession, but are also working on some larger items of interest. Check out our projects in the works, what's been going on, where we hope to go with them, and how you can help! Donations of time, money, and/or resources are always appreciated and feel free to share our projects with anyone who you think might be interested!

Mini Mainstreet

We are working on reconstructing a Mini Mainstreet in the basement of the museum that will feature a pioneer's cabin, a general store, and a dental office (modeled after Dr. C. E. Stutenroth's using his original equipment). 

The Deiter School

   The Deiter School is a small, one room schoolhouse that was built in 18___. Originally, this structure was located at the ________ and moved to Fischer's Grove (8 miles East of Redfield). Fisher's Grove decided to get rid of the structure, so the Spink County Historical Society voted to accept it in 2013. The building was free, but the Society was responsible for raising the funds necessary to build the foundation. 

   After purchasing the Deiter School, it was moved to its present location across the street from the Museum and put on its foundation in early 2014. Since then, the RHS National Honor's Society has helped clean the inside of structure, volunteers have pledged to build a ramp, Redfield Elementary fourth graders have raised money to build a fence, and United Feeders volunteered labor to do the dirt work and lay railroad ties around it. 

   Currently it still needs to have some of the dirt work finished, fence purchased and installed, grass seeded, ramp built, electricity installed, among other things. 

Cataloging Items

When the museum first began, items were not cataloged or organized in a system that allows for clear organization or knowledge about the inventory currently in the building. Perhaps one of our largest undertakings is simply going through every case, box, and shelf to add these items to our inventory and ensure that they're being store according to proper curatorial standards. 

Redfield, South Dakota