Our biggest concern right now is to finish the restoration of the Deiter School. The Deiter school is a very interesting piece and will make a great addition to the museum's collection! The school will provide a place for patrons to gather and learn what education was like in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. 

   While the Deiter school is our biggest project, it is not our ONLY project! We're still working on cataloging the museum's extensive inventory and getting it into "safe storage." Safe storage can be very expensive, but it's very important for preserving an object. Safe storage means to store an item in an environment that will not deteriorate or will slow the object's deterioration. Safe storage includes making sure the object's storage container/display location are free of acid, do not expose it to to much or the wrong kind of light, maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity, and a few other variables depending on the object!

   There's even more going on, be sure to stop by or contact us to find out! We're always looking for volunteers to help us complete our mission and improve the museum. If you're interested in volunteering, please contact us! If volunteering isn't possible for you, we always need other kinds of support! Other kinds of support can be as simple as your patronage, spreading word about the museum, joining the Spink County Historical Society and paying dues, donating money or artifacts, and more! Be sure to stop back for an update!

​-The Spink County Museum & the Spink County Historical Society 

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